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New York House

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Are you looking for the perfect specialty coffee to start your day with? Look no further than our New York House Blend for a smooth, rich, and sweet experience. This signature blend is more than just comfort in a mug – it will give you that instant energy you need.

This lusciously creamy chocolate coffee with well-balanced notes also has a hint of citrus aromatics which keeps things refreshing and interesting. The delightful hints of rich chocolate in this blend remind us of biting into a chocolate-covered nougat while the caramel after-taste is comforting for the soul.

Each sip is a journey with diverse flavors and we're pretty sure you'll absolutely love this one

Don't wait! Buy now to experience the delightful blend.

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Start Your Day the Right Way – With the Sweetness of the New York House Blend!

Wired Coffee is proud to bring you the New York House Blend. This specialty blend has been carefully crafted with a combination of beans from different regions to achieve a unique and harmonious flavor profile. Its foundation consists of high-quality Arabica beans that have been sourced from renowned coffee-growing regions around the world. The beans then undergo a careful process that enhances their flavor and achieves the perfect balance between sweetness and sharpness.

The citrusy and caramel undertones of this coffee blend provide a pleasant contrast to its robust and deep character, creating a delicious flavor that perks up the senses.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to place your orders and enjoy the New York House Blend today.

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